What to Look for With Stucco Repair Services

Stucco, which is also known as a cement-based sealant, is a material used for exterior and interior construction and maintenance. It is a tough, durable material that can withstand the elements. There are many different types of stucco, including regular stucco, which is made to be used on the outside of homes. Applying stucco can add a decorative look to a home, but it is very strong and can also be scratched or damaged. When stucco repairs are needed, there are several things to consider before hiring a company.

stucco repair services

A stucco repair service should be used for repairing both the exterior and the interior of homes. If there is damage to the outside of the house, such as cracked foundations or damage from ice and other weather elements, the exterior stucco should be repaired. Most often, exterior damage is caused by drainage problems or poor sealing of the home. These issues cause water to seep into the exterior of the home, causing it to become cracked and damaged. Using stucco repair services can help prevent additional damage to the exterior of the building.

If there are no structural issues with the home, a company that offers stucco repair services may choose to repair the stucco itself. This can be a more labor-intensive process, and many repair companies will not undertake this task unless it is certain that all other options have been exhausted. In some cases, damaged stucco may not be structurally sound. If this is the case, the stucco repair services may suggest that the home is structurally sound and simply needs to be repaired using stucco instead. Even in these cases, however, the stucco may still need to be cleaned. The amount of work involved will depend on the severity of the damage, but it will be a noticeable effort on the part of the homeowner.

When the damage to the exterior is less severe, the stucco may simply need to be cleaned and repainted. Homeowners who are choosing this option will want to make sure they select Repair Stucco that offers a guarantee on their work. While minor damage can often be repaired using standard products, more substantial repairs may require stucco restoration services. Cleaning and repainting can often be completed in a single trip to the house, but larger jobs may require at least two visits.

In many cases, a stucco repair service will offer a free estimate on the cost of repairing the home. They will take the measurements of the exterior of the home and then give an estimate of the cost. This cost is typically inclusive of any materials needed for the job, including stucco. If a home has more than one part of the exterior damaged, the cost of repair will be determined by the amount of damage and the amount of time it will take to repair it. In most cases, all damages can be repaired under this estimate, but if a home has major structural problems, additional work may be needed.

Many stucco repairs are actually smaller jobs that can be completed on your own. In some cases, the homeowner will simply have to purchase a more powerful stucco cleaner than what is usually found in homes. Some home improvement stores sell plastic scrapers that are made of stainless steel that are ideal for removing stains from the exterior of the home. However, a stucco repair service will not include this in their arsenal because most stucco cleaners contain acids that can damage the outer layer of the stucco.

A reputable stucco repair company should offer a warranty on their work. This allows the homeowner to feel more confident that if something does happen to their exterior, they will be covered. Some warranties include a guarantee on the stucco itself, as well as a guarantee on labor and delivery. Other companies offer a certain number of passes for repairing your stucco to ensure that everything looks as good as new. Having warranties on the materials and labor involved ensures that the homeowners are not left holding the bag for any damage that occurs. Some companies will even offer a replacement of the damaged stucco, should it be too big or too expensive to fix on your own.

Homeowners who choose stucco repair over replacing entire portions of their exterior walls may also find that they save money. There is no need to spend money on repairs if the damage is minor. If a small hole has turned into a larger crack, simply replacing the area with a new stucco wall will not be sufficient. The only other option may be to repair the entire wall. Although stucco does not completely cure itself, holes can be filled with mortar, and the area can be resealed and dried to give the surface a finished look. This option is often used when the existing stucco has been damaged by hail or a storm, leaving the area in an unsightly state.