Gutter Installation – How to Fit a Gutter to Your Home

Before you begin, you must measure the slope of your gutters. To do this, measure from the bottom of your fascia board to the nearest nail, and subtract 1/4 inch from the length of each run. Mark the beginning and end of your gutter runs using a nail. You should use a chalk line between the nails. Attach the end cap using screws or a gutter lap sealer. When fitting the gutters to the home, cut each section at an angle of 45 degrees.

Roofing Services

A professional gutter installation company will use the right equipment for the job. The tools needed for gutter installation are available at a professional roofing company. Roofing Companies will also know how to use these tools, which will decrease the risk of mistakes and unnecessary damage. The best gutter installation companies will use specially designed screws to attach the gutter to your home. These screws will also prevent the gutter from shifting or coming off during installation. So, hiring a professional company is highly recommended.

After ensuring you have all the tools:

  1. Install the downspout outlet fitting.
  2. Make sure the downspout outlet is placed precisely where the gutter outlet is.
  3. Secure the outlet by installing a short screw into the outlet tube. Use a chisel or drill to trace the flange and cut the hole.

 If you don’t have this tool, you may substitute the temporary screw with a pop rivet.

When hiring a gutter installation company, ask for a written estimate. Avoid contractors who quote you a price over the phone. In addition, make sure the installer knows the roofline of your home. This way, you will know if they will be able to custom fit the gutter system. The last thing you want is your new gutter system to leak and ruin your home’s foundation! To protect your property, hire a gutter installation company with a proven track record in this field.

The gutter installation price will vary significantly based on the material and style of the gutters. Copper gutters are the most expensive. To determine how much gutter installation costs, use a simple house with four corners and 160 linear feet of gutters. The cost of copper gutter installation will be approximately three times higher than the average gutter installation. Gutter installation prices will depend on the style of gutters you choose and the size of the gutters.

After gutter installation, you’ll need end caps and downspouts. While the two are not essential, they are integral to a gutter system. The end caps secure the end of the gutter system and prevent water from spilling out. When choosing a gutter installation professional, ask them to include downspouts. Adding downspouts is one way to save on gutter installation. Once the downspouts are installed, they’ll carry rainwater away from home, which is very important.

The price of gutter installation depends on the material used. The cost will increase if the gutters have too many corners. Heavy, harder-to-work-with gutter materials will also increase the price. Additionally, unusual sizes and types will incur extra costs. For example, copper gutters cost roughly $10 to $25 per linear foot, while aluminum or vinyl ones are about $28 per linear foot. Additionally, special reinforcements may be needed if the weather condition is extreme.

Getting several estimates will allow you to compare prices and determine the one that will meet your needs. Also, don’t forget to ask about any special discounts. Some contractors even combine gutter installation with other roofing repairs to give you an extra discount. Gutter installation isn’t complicated, but a bad contractor may damage your roof or install a gutter system that doesn’t protect your home. So make sure you ask your contractor questions to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Installing heat tape is one of the best ways to avoid ice and snow build-up in gutters. The price for the cable ranges from $3 to $5 per 100 feet. Installing heat tape requires an outdoor electrical outlet and a GFCI outlet. If you’re planning on installing heat tape, be sure to ask your gutter installation contractor for the installation price. Heat tape costs $0.73 per foot for the low-end cable and $3.65 for heavy-duty self-regulating cable.